D!SC34 Hunted Creatures “Summer Tour 2011" c20

Edition of 50 pro-dubbed, full color insert. Sold on tour in five east coast cities. Side A mixed by Ryan Emmett from a collection of recording sessions and Side B mixed by Micah Pacileo from a variety of sources including recording sessions, practices and live shows. Features sounds from the artist DS Miller as well! Artwork by Micah Pacileo.

D!SC32 Dementia and Hope Trails “Ethereal Hurt" c20

If you like David Lynch soundtracks, Stars of the Lid, William Basinski, Fennesz, Tim Hecker, Pulse Emitter, etc you should check out this great new minimal masterful work from Baltimore's Justin Marc Loyd who is also responsible for projects such as Pregnant Spore, Sensible Nectar and the Rainbow Bridge label.  If you're familiar with those other projects, this is nothing like them. This is actually very calming and meditative with a hint of doom and gloom. Really great stuff!  These are pro-dubbed with full color artwork.

Sample: Click here


D!SC35 V/A “From The Vault: Sampler" CDr
D!SC33 White Reeves “Ultimate Pleasure Til Death" C20
D!SC31 Torus “Imprecation 2 (Dedicated to K. Hague)" C20
D!SC30 Aaron Dilloway "From The Winter Void" C44
D!SC27 Dire Wolves “Magickal Mayan Age Of Musick” C20
D!SC26 Hunted Creatures / dsmiller Split C20
D!SC25 Tusk Lord “Summer 2009" C20
D!SC24 Forest Dweller “Demo” C20
D!SC23 Hunted Creatures “Spring 2009 Tour Demo” CDr
D!SC22.5 Hunted Creatures “White Tour Demo 2008 # 2" CDr
D!SC22 Hunted Creatures “White Tour Demo 2008" CDr
D!SC20 White Noise: Volume II Compilation CDr
D!SC19 Hunted Creatures “Black Ash Lotus” CDr
D!SC18 Hunted Creatures “s/t demo” CDr
D!SC17 Natura Nasa “Live at Bellefield Auditorium” CDr
D!SC16 Pi Equals Three “I Laughed>>> Everyone Stared” CDr
D!SC15 Christopher Vaughn “[an] experiment [in] regret” CDr
D!SC14 Plainswalkers “Ramskull” CDr
D!SC13 Death By A Thousand Cuts “s/t” CDr
D!SC12 Belly Boat “No Balloons” CDr
D!SC11 Droopy Septum “Wizard Porn” CDr
D!SC10 Droopy Septum “BrainSkull” CDr
D!SC09 Droopy Secrets “The 125 Chestnut Sessions” CDr
D!SC08 Funlarious “Funlicious” CDr
D!SC07 Who Is Ryder “Civil Reorder” CDr
D!SC06 Droopy Septum “Document: B” CDr
D!SC04 Droopy Septum “Document: A” CDr
D!SC03 Blackbeard “Build Your Bed In A Burning House” CDr
D!SC02 Pandemonium Rodeo/AdoreHaze split CDr
D!SC01 “White Noise” Compilation CDr


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